[PATCH] 2.4: updated preemptive kernel patch

Robert Love (rml@tech9.net)
30 Mar 2002 13:16:02 -0500

This is the preemptive kernel patch, supported by MontaVista. Updated
patches for 2.4.18, 2.4.19-pre5, and 2.4.19-pre4-ac3 are now available


as well as older patches for older kernel revisions.

The only major change aside from the sync up is some simple debug code
that will catch most any preempt_count oddity without much overhead,
courtesy of Andrew Morton. Basically just check the preempt_count for a
non-zero value on do_exit.

Nothing pending in the 2.4 codebase. I have a bunch of changes queued
for preempt-stats which I will get out real soon now. For 2.5, there
are a couple of indirect preempt-related optimizations and lock-fixings
in store soon.

Recent Change Log:


- simple but complete debug check in do_exit (Andrew Morton)


- fix the preempt_count for non-CPU0 idle (George Anzinger)


Robert Love

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