Re: Patch: Device operative state notification against 2.5.7

jamal (
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 22:30:37 -0500 (EST)

in the future can you please just post to netdev on networking
related issues? I responded to lk, but feel free to remove it
from the list.

-I am not sure the idea of using a kernel thread is the best. Maybe
move the checks to both the tx or rx softirqs instead of its own scheduling.
-In particular, it would be a better idea not to just go walking all the
devices; only walk devices that have raised an netif_carrier_.
-A shared devices bitmask across SMP should be enough (i.e no need for
per-CPU state)
-Another thing might be to double check that the condition that raised
the state change is still valid example -
in between the moment you say a link is down due to some bad hardware
fault to the moment some device timer recovers it;
-Also IFF_RUNNING seems to have inconsistent semantics in a lot of
drivers. It should really stand for "operational status" whereas
IFF_UP should stand for "admin status" -- anyone wanna shed historical
wisdom here?


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