Re: -aa VM splitup

Andrew Morton (
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 17:52:06 -0800

Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> Another possibility is that the lru could be more fair (we may better at
> flushing dirty pages, allowing them to be discarded in lru order), I
> assume your machine cannot take in cache a kernel tree, so there should
> be a total cache trashing scenario. So you may want to verify with
> vmstat that both kernels are doing the very same amount of I/O, just to
> be sure one of the two isn't faster because of additional fariness in
> the lru information, and not because of slower I/O.

2.5.x is spending significantly more CPU on I/O for smallish machines
such as Mike's. The extra bio allocation for each bh is showing up

But more significantly, something has gone wrong at the buffer
writeback level. Try writing a 100 meg file in 4096 byte
write()s. It's nice.

Now write it in 5000 byte write()s. It's horrid. We spend moe
time in write_some_buffers() than in copy_*_user. With 4096
byte writes, write_some_buffers visits 150,000 buffers. With
5000-byte writes, it visits 8,000,000. Under lru_list_lock.

I assume what's happening is that we write to a buffer, it goes onto
BUF_DIRTY and then balance_dirty or bdflush or kupdate moves it to
BUF_LOCKED. Then write(2) redirties the buffer so it is locked, dirty,
on BUF_DIRTY, with I/O underway. BUF_DIRTY gets flooded with locked buffers
and we just do enormous amounts of scanning in write_some_buffers().

I haven't looked into this further yet. Not sure why it only
happens in 2.5. Maybe it is happening in 2.4, but it's not as
easy to trigger for some reason.

But I don't think there's anything to prevent this from happening
in 2.4 is there?

Also, I've been *trying* to get some decent I/O bandwidth on my test
box, but 2.4 badness keeps on getting in the way. bounce_end_io_read()
is being particularly irritating. It's copying tons of data
which has just come in from PCI while inside io_request_lock. Ugh.

Is there any reason why we can't drop io_request_lock around the
completion handler in end_that_request_first()?

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