Re: 2.4.19-pre4-ac4 kills my gdm

Patrick R. McManus (
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 11:21:12 -0500


mea culpa on this one - my problem appears to be with the only other
patch I was running - I believed I was also running it on ac3, but it
now appears that I was thinking of another box.

The other patch was corey minyard's "allow signal handler to not call
handler" patch that I was interested in seeing its impact on a
userspace project of mine. It kills gdm (at least with ac4.. maybe


[Alan Cox: Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 04:16:24PM +0100]
> > X does start successfully.. but not gdm. I can go to runlevel 3 and
> > run startx without a problem (i.e. get a window manager, etc..)
> >
> > If I boot back to 2.4.19-pre4-ac3 all is well again.
> >
> Can you do a clean build with pre4-ac4 for non athlon cpu, try that, then
> a clean built back to with athlon cpu just to verify that is the actual
> issue ?
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