Linux 2.5.8-dj1

Dave Jones (
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 02:46:06 -0100

Resync against 2.5.8, and start picking through some of the easier
stuff in the patch queue. There's quite a bit here, but some more bits
have been thrown out, so we're still only just above that magic 6MB mark

As usual,..
Patch against 2.5.8 vanilla is available from:

Merged patch archive:

Check before reporting
known bugs that are also in mainline.

-- Davej.

o Detect existing disk geometry in scsicam.c (Doug Gilbert)
o Various request_region cleanups. (Evgeniy Polyakov)
| Via Rusty's trivial patchbot, and cleaned a little by me.
o Yet more request_region cleanups. (William Stinson)
o IBM USB Memory key support. (Alexander V. Inyukhin)
o Add missing IA64 helptexts. (Steven Cole)
o Fix BFS superblock allocation error. (Brian Gerst)
o romfs superblock cleanups. (Brian Gerst)
o Limit charset size in NLS UTF8 (Liyang Hu)
o NCR 53c810 PCI class fixup. (Graham Cobb)
o Dynamically size LDT on alloc. (Manfred Spraul)
o Disable ACPI C3 on PIIX4 whilst busmastering. (Dominik Brodowski)
o hitfb compile fix. (James Simmons)
o Various ALSA include compile fixes. (Russell King)
o fatfs includes compile fix. (Russell King)
o Stricter HTML generation from SGML. (Erik van Konijnenburg)
o wdt977 BKL removal. (Dave Hansen)
o Various suser -> capability checks. (Colin Slater)
o Don't miss preemption opportunities. (Robert Love)
o Fix up broken strtok->strsep in tmscsim.c (Dan D Carpenter)
o Small kernel-api docbook updates. (Erik Mouw)
o Various small touchscreen fixes. (James Simmons)
o virt_to_bus fixes for synclink driver. (Paul Fulghum)
o Correct nfsservctl capability.h comment. (Chris Wright)
o Cleanup x86 io.h functions. (Brian Gerst)
o Make 'make tags' work with bitkeeper. (Peter Chubb)
o Correct Num/Caps_lock state ioctl flags mixup (Rok Papez)
o Small Farsync driver fixes. (Francois Romieu,
Kevin Curtis)
o Make st.c not oops when there are no tapes. (Douglas Gilbert)
o Add PnP scanning to AD1848 OSS driver. (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o AHA152x update (ISAPNP,ABORT fixed & 2.5 fixes). (Juergen E. Fischer)
o Bluesmoke warning fixes. (Robert Love)
o Make per-cpu setup compile on uniprocessor (Robert Love)
o Fix various framebuffer merge funnies. (James Simmons)
o Fix migration_thread preemption race. (Robert Love)
o IDE TCQ updates. (Jens Axboe)
o SIGIO generation on FIFOs & pipes. (Jeremy Elson)
o PNPBIOS SMP fixes. (Thomas Hood et al)
o attach_mpu401() cleanup on failure (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o Make P4 thermal interrupt warning a compile option. (Me)
| init check for same now also checks for Intel P4.
o Offer Athlon background MCE checker on i386 too. (Me)

o Sync up with 2.5.8pre2 & pre3.
| dropped cyber2000fb changes (James, please check)
o Merge 2.4.19pre4, pre5 and pre6.
o MCE_NONFATAL SMP fixes. (Robert Love, Me)
o bttv compile fix. (Thierry Vignaud)
o Numerous small compile fixes. (Me)

Dave Jones.
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