Htree directory index for Ext2, updated

Daniel Phillips (
Fri, 17 May 2002 02:34:51 +0200

An updated version of the htree directory index patch for Ext2 is available

This update fixes a corruption-causing bug.

After learning to my horror that gnu patch will, if a patch was made to be
applied with option -p0, sometimes apply patches to your 'clean' tree (the
one with the ---'s) instead of the target tree (the one with the +++'s) I
decided to switch to -p1, and that is how this patch is to be applied.


- Off-by-one bug in second level index block splitting identified
by Ted using his prototype Htree extensions to e2fsck, isolated using
same, and fixed by Chris Li (Ted, Chris)

- Added a missing static, allowing htree to be applied to
Ext2 and Ext3 simultaneously, withload symbol conflicts (Me)


- Htree has been ported to Ext3 by Chris Li, patch to be available soon.
(Chris, do you need a place to post it?)

In progress:

- Port to Ext3 (Chris)
- e2fsprogs extensions (Ted)
- Tuning/testing/finalizing of hash function
- Delete coalescing

To do:

- Highmem support (currently buggy)
- telldir cookie(s)
- Hash attack resistance
- Source cleanup
- Port to 2.5

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