Re: Htree directory index for Ext2, updated

Andreas Dilger (
Fri, 17 May 2002 23:58:08 -0600

On May 18, 2002 07:44 +0200, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> On Saturday 18 May 2002 07:34, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> > On May 18, 2002 03:21 +0200, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > > Patch is severely broken in its current form, not only for the
> > > reasons you stated, but also because of its inability to handle
> > > renaming in any sane way. I want a patch --sane option.
> >
> > I bet BitKeeper gets it right... ;-) ;-) ;-)
> Funny you should mention that, since Bitkeeper has embarrassed itself pretty
> badly with respect to patches, so far.
> - Somebody decided to add another level on top of the linux root directory
> in their source directory. I can't import patches into that.

Hmm, I'm not sure what you are referring to here.

> - I can apply patches to bitkeeper repository using the normal 'patch',
> but Bitkeeper gets its revenge later, as each bk edit command starts
> off by throwing away the patch.

This is also strange, as when I use patch to apply a patch to files not
checked out, patch asks me if I should check them out in write mode
(which I do, of course).

Of course, if you are using patch to apply changes to a BK tree it isn't
really BK in the end. What I was referring to was importing a changeset
would probably get the target files correct 100% of the time, unlike the
situation you are describing with patch.

Cheers, Andreas

Andreas Dilger

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