Re: [patch 6/15] larger b_size, and misc fixlets

Peter Chubb (
Mon, 20 May 2002 12:09:23 +1000

>>>>> "Anton" == Anton Altaparmakov <> writes:

>> > Not that I'm a 64-bit system user/developer, but it is my
>> understanding > that u64 == long on a 64-bit platform, so your cast
>> to u64 does not > actually change the type of b_blocknr as far as
>> printk is concerned. > You would need to cast it to unsigned long
>> long instead.
>> Yes, I suppose so. That more closely matches what "%L" does.

Anton> /me can't help it: Didn't I say earlier on that one has to use
Anton> (unsigned) long long and not u64? (-; But noone would listen...

The current C standard guarantees that long long is *at least* 64

So you're right. Can we introduce a new pair of types, ull_t and ll_t
to reduce typing? (unsigned long long) tends to make lines overflow
the 80-char boundary bit much, but (ull_t) is a lot shorter.

Peter C

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