Re: Lazy Newbie Question

Kevin Buhr (
21 May 2002 11:32:38 -0700

"Calin A. Culianu" <> writes:
> int kcomedilib_main.c: comedi_t * comedi_open(const char *pathname).

Which version of Comedi are you using? In comedi-0.7.64 (the most
recent that I can find), I see:

int comedi_open(unsigned int minor)

In comedilib-0.7.18, I see:

comedi_t *comedi_open(const char *fn);

but of course that version is meant to be called from user space.

I can't find the string "pathname" in any Comedi code anywhere.

> 'nuff said.

On the contrary...

Kevin Buhr <>
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