Re: PATCH Multithreaded core dumps for the 2.5.17 kernel was ....RE: PATCH Multithreaded core dump support for the 2.5.14 (and 15) kernel.

Pavel Machek (
Wed, 22 May 2002 14:11:42 +0000


> Nice. This also closes another issue pointed out: freezing
> a process while it is holding the mmap_sem, which may be needed later
> while collecting thread registers on IA64.
> Now that Linus has accepted Pavel's swsusp, do you have any thoughts
> on using Pavel's scheme to freeze processes?

It should be easy to modify freeze_processes() to only stop those in given
process... However that would mean that freezr would have to be there,
always.... Or is mutithreaded core config option?

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