Anyone using NFSv4?

Dax Kelson (
18 Jun 2002 22:59:41 -0600

I noticed that the CITI group release a new June snapshot of NFSv4
support for Linux. It is a patch against 2.4.18.

They say, "The current version passes all Connectathon tests, and
interoperates with other implementations".

Currently NFSv2/3 is too insecure for my tastes, I'm greatly looking
forward to the strong authentication, integrity, and privacy that NFSv4
with secure RPC offers. I can envision handy uses for the "pseudo path"
feature of NFSv4 as well.

I was just wondering if anyone (other that CITI) is keeping an eye on
it? Are there any pieces worth merging yet? Just curious.

Dax Kelson

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