[BUG]: linux-2.5.38 compile error with frame buffer support enabled]

Eric Blade (eblade@blackmagik.dynup.net)
27 Sep 2002 02:19:13 -0400

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umm.. forgot to send this to the list originally

sorry .. i'm a n00b.

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From: Eric Blade [SMTP:eblade@blackmagik.dynup.net]
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To: Tarkan Erimer
Subject: Re: [BUG]: linux-2.5.38 compile error with frame buffer support

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 04:16, Tarkan Erimer wrote:
> I tried to compile linux-2.5.38 with Frame-buffer support enabled.
> I chose the "nVidia Riva support" in "Frame-buffer support" section.
> Making "make dep clean" works OK. But, when I began "make bzImage",
> I got the following error message, which is attached to this mail via
> "error.log". I, also attached my ".config" file and "ver_linux" output.
> I hope, these help to resolve this problem. If need more info, please
> mail me.

Almost the exact same thing happens with the Radeon fb driver as well -
I have just tuned into this version as far as development goes (I
haven't even LOOKED at kernel source code in ten years, so I'm pretty
lost!) - but it appears to me that at some point during the 2.5.x tree,
a lot of the structure in the base framebuffer code has changed
drastically, and the nVidia and Radeon (among perhaps others) driver
code hasn't been updated to agree with it.

I'd be willing to do some work on the Radeon driver - does anyone know
of a document hiding somewhere on the web, or in back issues of LKML
that documents exactly what changed, and how to accomodate for it in the
other FB device drivers?

- Eric


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