Re: Voyager subarchitecture for 2.5.46

H. Peter Anvin (
6 Nov 2002 14:36:32 -0800

Followup to: <>
By author: Linus Torvalds <>
In newsgroup:
> I disagree.
> We should use the TSC everywhere (if it exists, of course), and the fact
> that two CPU's don't run synchronized shouldn't matter.

If it exists, and works :-/

> It's clearly stupid in the long run to depend on the TSC synchronization.
> We should consider different CPU's to be different clock-domains, and just
> synchronize them using the primitives we already have (hey, people can use
> ntp to synchronize over networks quite well, and that's without the kind
> of synchronization primitives that we have within the same box).

Synchronizing them is nice, since it makes RDTSC usable in user
space (without nodelocking.) If it ain't doable, then it ain't.


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