pc_keyb.c #define kbd_controller_present()

Nat Ersoz (nat.ersoz@myrio.com)
11 Nov 2002 18:53:17 -0800

1. We have a hardware platform which do not have a PS/2 style keyboard
controller. When the kernel boots we get the following message, printed
many times over:

"pc_keyb: controller jammed 0xFF"

2. In the file linx/drivers/char/pc_keyb.c, the following lines are
present (lines 72-74 for kernel version 2.4.20-pre10)

#ifndef kbd_controller_present
#define kbd_controller_present() 1

By changing kbd_controller_present() to '0' instead of '1', we no longer
the the "jammed" message and a 15-20 second reduction in boot time.

3. It would be nice if there were a .config file parameter that was the
moral equivalent of CONFIG_PSMOUSE for the keyboard, like say
CONFIG_PSKEYBD so that the keyboard could be disabled as easily as the

4. We try to maintain different linux/.config files for each hardware
platform. This works well, except in this case of the keyboard. In
this case we have to maintain a hardware specific patch.

Is it possible to get a new .config file symbol for the keyboard similar
to the mouse? It would be very helpful to us.



PS - please post responses to my email as well as the LKML. Thanks.

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