Re: [PATCH] mii module broken under new scheme

Rusty Russell (
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:49:12 +1100

In message <> you write:
> I think that retrieving module name from module's binary is wrong: I
> need to have dummy.o (network driver) insmodded two times to get my
> test environment up.
> I do not think that it is correct that I must add multiple device support
> to the dummy due to new module loader, and creating two dummy.o,
> with different .modulename sections, also does not look like reasonable
> solution to me.

Doing this based on module name has been deprecated basically forever,
because it doesn't work *at all* when you build it into the kernel.
The reason that modules know their own name is that boot parameters
are called by it.

Four possible solutions:
1) Fix dummy to be a real device driver.
2) Add a module parameter to set the device name on dummy.o
3) Allow the build system to construct multiple modules.
4) Implement modprobe --rename.

If none of them appeals, we can discuss it.

Hope that helps,

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