Re: Freezing.. (was Re: Intel P6 vs P7 system call performance)

Martin J. Bligh (
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 17:43:40 -0800

> This means I write (choose one):
> 1. non-buggy code (highly unlikely)
> 2. code no one tests
> 3. code people do test but report via other means (eg, email, irc)
> If it's (3), which it seems to be, it means that bugzilla is failing to
> do its job properly, which is most unfortunate.

Not everyone will end up using it ... if people want to log bugs from
lkml into bugzilla, I think that'd help gather a critical mass.

Are you getting a lot of bug-reports for serial code on lkml? I use it
heavily, and it seems to work just fine to me .... so I pick (1). Yay! ;-)

Some of the bugs in there lie fallow, but I've seen quite a few get fixed.
The fact that some people (Dave Jones springs to mind) trawl through there
being extremely helpful fixing things is very useful ;-) Lots of things got
fixed, though I can't *prove* it was solely due to it being in Bugzilla.

As the list of bugs increases, it'll become an increasingly powerful
search engine for information as well .... I'll draw up a list of things
that don't seem to being worked on, and mail it out to kernel-janitors
and/or lkml and see if people are interested in fixing some of the fallow


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