Booting problem on LOOPback device

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Sun, 29 Dec 2002 14:10:13 +0100

I have a 2.2 kernel and use RedHat's "Partitionless installation" - the root
is on a loopback device. I've compiled kernel 2.4.17, upgraded modutils and
e2fsprogs and the kernel doesn't want to boot properly - the last bootup
message is "Can't write to read-only device 7,0", the kernel continues, but
the root can't be remounted rw (I've tried it in single-user mode). If I put
'rw' to the kernel command line, it's possible to write to the root
device(in single mode). I don't know it for sure right now, but I think that
the error message remains.
Please tell me somebody where the problem could be.
reply to for I'm not a member

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