Indention - why spaces?

Felix Domke (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 03:29:04 +0100

Hi kernel hackers,

yes, i know .

my question is just: what's the matter of NOT using tabs instead of
spaces? i think there must be one, otherwise everybody would use tabs.

I know the thing about "more than 3 levels of indention *suck*" (but i'm
not sure if i have really understand this yet in my coding style, but
who cares..), but i like tab characters more than spaces, simply because
it removes all the discussion about the best indention width. some
people use ~180 character-consoles, some use 80 ones.Whats the reason of
not giving the freedom to choose whatever he likes?

i don't want to change anything, i just like to know WHY people use
spaces. are they somehow unportable? (i don't think so)

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