Re: Indention - why spaces?

Wichert Akkerman (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:57:38 +0100

Previously John Bradford wrote:
> In my opinion, indentation in any form is irritating.

So set your tabwidth/shiftwidth/whatever to 0 (or 1, at least vim
does not seem to allow you to set a zero shiftwidth).

> I find a left hand margin that jumps around, and in deeply nested
> loops effectively makes a 132 column terminal in to an 80 column
> terminal, completely pointless.

Well, I disagree. But I agree that the amount of indenting used is
a highly personal thing, and I find forcing a set limit by demanding
people use spaces a bad practice. But I don't do any kernel work,
so my opinion is probably of little value here.


Wichert Akkerman <> 
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