Re: Current unclaimed 2.5 bugs on

Martin J. Bligh (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 09:02:58 -0800

>> ID Sev Owner State Result Summary
>> 44 blo OPEN radeonfb does not compile at all - seems
>> incomplete? or w...
> Beeing worked on by James Simmons and myself. Working version in the PPC
> tree, will be part of next round of fbdev updates
>> 69 nor OPEN Framebuffer bug
>> 72 nor OPEN Framebuffer scrolls at the wrong times/places
>> 79 nor OPEN Framebuffer scrolling problem
> I've seen at least some of these discussed on the linux-fbdev mailing
> list, though I can't talk for the maintainer, I beleive they are beeing
> worked on.

OK, trouble is I need someone with a bugzilla account to assign these to.
I emailed James, if he doesn't want it, would you be willing to maintain
that subsection in bugzilla?

>> 117 nor OPEN build failure: arch/ppc/kernel/process.c
> Works in current ppc bk tree, probably waiting for next round of merges
> by Paul Mackerras to Linus.

According to DaveJ, this should be fixed in 51 ... anyone able to test?


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