RE: Sparc port still maintained in 2.5

Holzrichter, Bruce (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:48:57 -0500

> I'm certainly going to be interested in Linux/Sparc >= 2.5 when I can
> get a Sparc machine, (I'm hoping to help work on the 'Splack'
> distribution, which is basically an un-official Slackware-like
> distribution for Sparcs), with the eventual aim of moving from X86 to
> Sparc as my default architechture, but I'm not really interested in
> Alpha.

Sparc64 is maintained by David Miller, and he actively updates it. Some
stuff works, some doesn't. YMMV.

Sparc32 is "unmaintened", but I have seen people working with it.

So it depends on your choice of hardware, etc. is a
good starting point.

Bruce H.
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