Re: nfsservctl documentation?

Andries Brouwer (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 21:12:46 +0100

>> is there any real documentation on the nfsservctl syscall anywhere?
>> I can't find any documentation besides the skimpy man page

> Well you have the best documentation of all: the code itself. I did not
> find anything else other than the man page when trying to undestand it but
> the code was easy to follow.

Improvements on this man page (or any man page) are always welcome.

Yesterday, or this morning or so, man-pages-1.54.tar.gz was released.
(E.g. at )
A new page is tty_ioctl.4.
Maybe some people would like to check details, point out undocumented
tty ioctls, or add fragments.
Of course, we need many more pages foo_ioctl.4.

Andries -
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