Re: [PATCHSET] 2.4.21-pre2-jp15

Jörg Prante (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 22:00:37 +0100

> Sorry, the patch doesn't change anything.
> I am compiling with PREEMPT off.
> Looking at sysrq.c , I would say that a couple of
> #ifdef's are missing. The code in the handle_preempt
> function, I think should be ifdef'd on CONFIG_PREEMPT_LOG
> Margit

Hi Margit,

you should enable preemptive kernel logging only if you selected preemptive

In the case of preempt logging turned off, the show_preempt_log() function
should evaluate to an empty function

#define show_preempt_log() do { } while(0)

as defined in <linux/sched.h>

Best regards,


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