Jeff Dike (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 23:50:28 -0500

This patch brings the UML 2.5 pool up to date with my 2.4 pool. This includes
many bug fixes and improvements including:

Kernel stack sizes are configurable.

UML will build as a shared binary if tt mode is configured out. These
two changes, plus some valgrind fixes, make it possible to valgrind the kernel.

skas mode will now force a shutdown if the kernel thread receives a

The watchdog driver compiles with skas enabled

Fixed a problem with excessive stack usage which was causing
crashes for some people

SA_SIGINFO signal delivery is fixed, making JVMs (and Tomcat) run

skas mode now has protection against tmpfs filling up

The initial UML thread is protected against running kernel code

A couple of data corruption bugs are fixed, including one which
would cause strange behavior changes when 'debug' is added to the command

All initializers are converted to C99 syntax

NOTE - this patch will not apply to stock 2.5.53. It was generated against
Linus' BK from yesterday (Dec 29). It will probably apply cleanly to any
2.5.53 after my last set of updates were merged. It certainly will not apply
to any kernel earlier than that.

The 2.5.53-2 UML patch is available at

For the other UML mirrors and other downloads, see

Other links of interest:

The UML project home page :
The UML Community site :

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