Re: Indention - why spaces?

Pete Zaitcev (
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 00:28:37 -0500

> IMHO and in my personal projects I use the following indenting rules:
> 1) use TABs for _indentation_
> 2) use SPACEs for aligning
> here is an exaple:
><tab><tab>if (cond) {
><tab><tab><tab>printf("This is foo: '%s', and this bar: '%d'",
><tab><tab><tab> foo, bar);

BTW, this practice is codified in Solaris developer's guidelines.
They even have a perl script called "hdrchk" which is run before
commits and tells about violations. Actually, the Sun requirement
is to have exactly 4 spaces, but it sounds a little too anal to me.

-- Pete
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