Re: [PATCH] kernel source spellchecker

Matthias Schniedermeyer (
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 09:13:38 +0100

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On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 09:09:10AM +0100, Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 07:02:00PM -0800, Dan Kegel wrote:
> > My corrections file is up at
> > and the patch that produces is
> >
> > The perl script took about an hour of 450MHz cpu time.
> > (Might be worth adding a quick path to detect and skip
> > files with none of the misspelled words. Or just run
> > on a fast machine...)
> OK. Next Take.
> Changes this time:
> - A bug-fix for "--dir" (Would have checked all files)
> - Added a "fast-path" but this doesn't seem to make a difference
> New options:
> - "--[no]fix" to fix (default) or only look for errors.
> (This ignores the '[no]comment'-option and looks for all errors!)
> - "--[no]override" to override(default) the original file or create a
> "<filename>.fixed"-file
> Anyone wants a "--[no]ask"-option?

Earlier or later the "missing-attachment"-thing must happen to anyone.

Bis denn

Real Programmers consider "what you see is what you get" to be just as 
bad a concept in Text Editors as it is in women. No, the Real Programmer
wants a "you asked for it, you got it" text editor -- complicated, 
cryptic, powerful, unforgiving, dangerous.

--=_courier-9154-1046592880-0001-2 Content-Type: application/x-perl Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=""

#!/usr/bin/perl -w=0A=0Ause strict;=0Ause Getopt::Long;=0Ause vars qw (=0A = $debug=0A %spell $spell_re=0A $spell_file=0A @input_fil= es $input_file=0A @input_dirs $input_dir=0A $onlycomments $do_fi= x $do_override=0A $dir $path $fixed=0A );=0Ause subs qw (=0A = init_commandline usage=0A );=0Asub check_file($);=0Asub check_content($= $);=0A=0Ainit_commandline;=0A=0A# See if the spell-file is found in the cur= rent-dir=0A# otherwise look in the dir from where we were started=0Aif (! -= f $spell_file) {=0A my $dir =3D $0;=0A $dir =3D~ s/\/[^\/]+$/\//;=0A=0A = if (-f "$dir/$spell_file") {=0A $spell_file =3D "$dir/$spell_file";=0A = }=0A}=0A=0A# -- Read file with the spellings --=0A# File-Format=0A# correct= -word=3Dfalse,false,false...=0Aopen (FI, $spell_file) or die ("Can't open \= "$spell_file\"");=0Awhile (<FI>) {=0A s/\#.*$//;=0A chomp;=0A if ($_) {= =0A print "Input-Line: $_\n" if ($debug);=0A my ($correct, $false_s) = =3D split (/\s*=3D\s*/, $_, 2);=0A $correct =3D~ s/^\s+//;=0A $correc= t =3D~ s/\s+$//;=0A foreach my $false (split (/\s*,\s*/, $false_s)) {=0A= $false =3D~ s/^\s+//;=0A $false =3D~ s/\s+$//;=0A if ($fals= e ne $correct) {=0A print "Fix: \"$false\" -> \"correct\"\n" if ($debug);= =0A $spell{$false} =3D $correct;=0A }=0A else {=0A warn ("Error i= n Spell-file: \"$spell_file\" Line: $. \"$correct\" is the same for false &= correct");=0A }=0A }=0A }=0A}=0Aclose (FI);=0A# -- End --=0A=0A# = -- Create the regular expression --=0Amy @temp_spell;=0Aforeach my $key (so= rt {$b cmp $a} keys %spell) {=0A # For keys endig with a "\w"ord-charactar= we add a "\b"oundary.=0A # Otherwise we get into trouble with words that = begin the same but are longer=0A my $postfix =3D $key =3D~ /\w$/ ? '\b' : = '';=0A=0A push @temp_spell, "\Q$key\E$postfix"=0A}=0A$spell_re =3D join ("= \|", @temp_spell);=0Aprint "Spell_re: $spell_re\n" if ($debug);=0A# -- End = --=0A=0A# Check files, if specified=0Aif ($#input_files >=3D 0) {=0A forea= ch $input_file (@input_files) {=0A print "Checking file: \"$input_file\"= \n" if ($debug);=0A check_file ($input_file);=0A }=0A}=0A=0A# Check dir= s, if specified=0Aif ($#input_dirs >=3D 0) {=0A foreach $input_dir (@input= _dirs) {=0A print "Checking dir: \"$input_dir\"\n" if ($debug);=0A &t= raverse($input_dir);=0A }=0A}=0A=0A# When there was no file and/or dir arg= ument(s) then process everything from current dir=0Aif ($#input_files =3D= =3D -1 && $#input_dirs =3D=3D -1) {=0A print "No dir/files specifed checki= ng all files in the dir and subdirs\n" if ($debug);=0A &traverse(".");=0A}= =0A=0Asub init_commandline {=0A my $helpopt =3D 0;=0A $debug =3D= 0;=0A $spell_file =3D "spell-fix.txt";=0A @input_files =3D ();=0A @i= nput_dirs =3D ();=0A $onlycomments =3D 1;=0A $do_override =3D 1;=0A $= do_fix =3D 1;=0A=0A my $result =3D GetOptions(=0A 'help!' = =3D> \$helpopt,=0A 'spell-file=3Ds' =3D> \$spell_file,=0A 'fil= e=3Ds' =3D> \@input_files,=0A 'dir=3Ds' =3D> \@input_d= irs,=0A 'only-comments!' =3D> \$onlycomments,=0A 'fix!' = =3D> \$do_fix,=0A 'override!' =3D> \$do_override,=0A 'debug!' = =3D> \$debug,=0A );=0A=0A usage() if $helpopt;=0A}=0A=0Asub usa= ge {=0A print <<"EOF";=0AUsage: $0 <options>, where valid options are=0A = --help # this message :-)=0A --spell-file # File w= ith the correction-list=0A --file <file> # File(s) to be checked= =0A --dir <dir> # Directory(s) to be checked (recursive!)=0A = --[no]only-comments # Only fix words inside a comment=0A --[no]fix = # Fix the errors? Or not?=0A --[no]override # Override the ori= ginal file or create a ".fixed"-file?=0A --debug # Debugging= -Messages=0AEOF=0A exit(0);=0A}=0A=0Asub traverse {=0A local($dir) =3D sh= ift;=0A local($path);=0A=0A unless (opendir(DIR, $dir)) {=0A warn "Can= 't open $dir\n";=0A closedir(DIR);=0A return;=0A }=0A foreach (read= dir(DIR)) {=0A next if $_ eq '.' || $_ eq '..';=0A $path =3D "$dir/$_= ";=0A if (-d $path) { # a directory=0A &traverse($path);=0A= }=0A elsif (-f _) { # a plain file=0A check_file ($path)= ;=0A }=0A }=0A closedir(DIR);=0A}=0A=0Asub check_file($) {=0A my $fil= e =3D shift;=0A my $content;=0A $fixed =3D 0;=0A my $filenameprinted =3D= 0;=0A=0A open (FI, $file) or return;=0A $content =3D join ("", <FI>);=0A= close (FI);=0A=0A if ($debug || !$do_fix) {=0A while ($content =3D~ /= \b($spell_re)/g) {=0A if (!$filenameprinted) {=0A print "File: \"$file= \"\n";=0A $filenameprinted =3D 1;=0A }=0A print "False-Spelling: = \"$1\" -> \"$spell{$1}\"\n";=0A }=0A }=0A=0A # Correct spelling. Yes t= he "core" is only a single substitution. :-)=0A if ($do_fix) {=0A if ($= onlycomments) {=0A # Take I "//"-Comments=0A $content =3D~ s!(//)= (.+)$!check_content($1,$2)!egm;=0A # Take II "/* ... */"-Comments=0A = $content =3D~ s!(/\*)(.+?)\*/!check_content($1,$2)!egs;=0A }=0A e= lse {=0A if ($content =3D~ s/\b($spell_re)/$spell{$1}/eg) {=0A $fixed = =3D 1;=0A }=0A }=0A }=0A=0A if ($fixed) {=0A my $filename =3D = $do_override ? "$file.tmp" : "$file.fixed";=0A=0A print "False spellings= found. File: \"$file\"\n" if ($debug);=0A # And write back the file.=0A= open (FO, ">$filename") or die ("Can't open file \"$filename\" for writ= ing");=0A print FO $content;=0A close (FO);=0A=0A if ($do_override= ) {=0A rename ("$file", "$file.tmp2") or die ("Can't rename \"$file\" = -> \"$file.tmp2\"");=0A rename ("$file.tmp", "$file") or die ("Can't r= ename \"$file.tmp\" -> \"$file\"");=0A unlink ("$file.tmp2") or die ("= Can't unlink \"$file.tmp2\"");=0A }=0A }=0A else {=0A print "No fal= se spellings found. File: \"$file\"\n" if ($debug);=0A }=0A}=0A=0Asub chec= k_content($$) {=0A my $comment =3D shift;=0A my $content =3D shift;=0A=0A= # print "Comment: $comment\n";=0A# print "content: $content\n";=0A=0A if= ($content =3D~ s/\b($spell_re)/$spell{$1}/eg) {=0A $fixed =3D 1;=0A }= =0A=0A if ($comment eq "//") {=0A return "//$content";=0A }=0A else {= =0A return "/*$content*/";=0A }=0A}=0A --=_courier-9154-1046592880-0001-2--