2.5.63: Hang on reboot

Dr. David Alan Gilbert (gilbertd@treblig.org)
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 14:51:43 +0000

2.5.63 on Tyan S2460 motherboard (Dual Athlon MP, 760 chipset), discs on
both the internal controller and a promise TX100.

If I'm in 2.4.18 and tell it to reboot, the BIOS does its stuff and
I land in grub and I can tell it to boot into 2.5.63 etc.

If I'm in 2.5.63 and tell it to reboot, the BIOS seems to do all its
stuff, the Promise BIOS runs, and it gets to the point just before
GRUB would normally appear and then stops.

I guess this is either the BIOS being unhappy or 2.5.63 leaving
some of the hardware in an unhappy state.


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