Re: perfctr-2.4.6 released

Albert Cahalan (
02 Mar 2003 13:13:40 -0500

Mikael Pettersson writes:

> perfctr-2.4.6 is now available at the usual place:

So, what is it? I figure it does profiling, but that
sure is vague. The SourceForge site is pretty empty too.
guessing you made some user-readable x86 registers be
per-process instead of system-wide, but maybe you've
done much more or less.

Does it use the oprofile interface? (why or why not?)
Does it use the IA-64 perfmon system call?
Does it support the Pentium-MMX in an old PC?
Does it support the PowerPC MPC7400 ("G4") in a Mac?
(if not, what would porting involve?)
Does it handle the kernel itself?
Does it handle stripped dynamic libraries?
Does it handle unmodified executables? (regular, -s, -g)
Does it work without root privileges?
Does it unmangle names for C++ code?

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