Re: BitBucket: GPL-ed BitKeeper clone

Pavel Machek (
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 00:53:18 +0100


> > > I've created little project for read-only (for now ;-) bitkeeper
> > > clone. It is available at (no tar balls,
> > > just get it fresh from CVS).
> >
> > In case it may be of some help, here's a script that is the result of my
> > own reverse engineering of the bitkeeper SCCS files. It can output a
> > diff, almost exactly the same as BitKeeper's gnupatch output from a
> > BitKeeper repo.
> Might aswell supply my hacked sccsdiff script aswell.

There's a problem with this: it changes CSSC, and its GNU (read: needs
copyright assignment to apply changes). I can't really push your
changes to CSSC :-(. [What I can do is add .diff file into

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