Re: percpu-2.5.63-bk5-1 (properly generated)

Martin J. Bligh (
Sun, 02 Mar 2003 16:07:01 -0800

>> Still degraded: diffprofile:
>> 781 1.6% total
>> 346 1.0% default_idle
>> 217 10.1% __down
>> 79 12.0% __wake_up
>> 51 70.8% page_address
>> 32 66.7% kmap_atomic
>> 24 5.3% page_remove_rmap
>> 16 19.3% clear_page_tables
>> 14 4.6% release_pages
>> 13 33.3% path_release
>> 13 6.7% __copy_to_user_ll
>> 13 260.0% bad_range
>> 11 1.3% do_schedule
>> 10 15.6% pte_alloc_one
> The largest issue is probably idle time, which appears to have gone up
> enormously in absolute terms. I'll split the pieces out and see what
> happens. From this it looks like the indirection is a slowdown, but the
> cost in absolute terms is insignificant, as there aren't enough samples.
> There's no clear reason __down() should have become more expensive,
> nor __wake_up(). I'd really like an instruction-level profile. AFAICT
> node_nr_running is 100% harmless instruction-wise, unless the copy
> propagated a nonzero value (which would be a bug), and per_cpu
> runqueues are largely unknown, but would be accountable to schedule(),
> which is not particularly offensive wrt. additional cpu time.
> Some kind of dump of internal scheduler statistics to verify they've
> been faithfully preserved would help also. Instruction-level cpu and
> cache profiling would also be helpful. There may very well be an odd
> cache coloring conflict at work here. If it's too big to take on, I
> might need some kind of help or a pointer to a package so I don't have
> to crap all over userspace for the benchmark. I may also need a .config
> in order to reproduce the usual bullcrap like (#@%$ing) link order.

I think you'd be better off profiling the improvement you saw, and working
out where that comes from.

Failing that, if you can split it into 3 or 4 patches along the lines I
suggested earlier, I'll try benching each bit seperately for you.


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