Re: [PATCH] kernel source spellchecker

Dan Kegel (
Sun, 02 Mar 2003 21:36:19 -0800

"Jared Daniel J. Smith" wrote:
> Even a single lost pun because of overenthusiastic spellchecking is
> not worth the cleanup. I would prefer to see typos than lose a single
> intentional 'misspelling'. It would be best if you posted all changes
> somewhere so that they could be verified manually.
> Consider the following:
> alignment=alignement
> alignmement is French; is this intentional?

No. All three instances were english typos.

> constants=konstants
> konstants is German; is this intentional?

No. All three instances were english typos.

> consumer=comsumer
> comsumer is a neologism:

That may be, but in the neologism, it seems to be usually partially capitalized,
and the C source sure looks like just a typo:
/* producer/comsumer pointers for Tx/Rx ring */

> Converted=Coverted
> is it a pun on something 'hidden' or is it something transformed?

Allan said it was a copy/paste error and should be fixed.

> descriptor=decriptor,desciptor
> is it descriptor or decrypter?

You be the judge:
/* Initiliaze Transmit/Receive decriptor and CR3/4 */

All instances I saw were just english typos.

> invocation=invokation
> invokation is German; is this intentional?

No idea, seems to be gone in the current kernel source?

> negative=negativ
> negativ is a legitimate non-English word; is this intentional?

Where I spot-checked it, it was always just an English typo.

> signaled=signalled
> signaling=Signalling
> signaling=signalling
> signalled is a legitimate alternate spelling of signaled.

Thanks, fixed!

> succeeded=succeded
> succeded could also be a typo for 'succeed'
> through=throught,throuth
> throught could also be a typo for 'thought'

Yes. These will have to be hand-reviewed. I do recommend absolutely
every change be hand-reviewed just in case.

> writable=writeable
> writeable is a legitimate alternate spelling of writable

You're right, though I had to dig to find a dictionary that agreed with you.

I've updated to remove the "signall*" and "writeable"
corrections. (My stoplist already listed them as acceptable, fwiw.)

- Dan

Dan Kegel

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