Re: 2.5.63-mm2

Andrew Morton (
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 14:09:18 -0800

Mark Wong <> wrote:
> It appears something is conflicting with the old Adapatec AIC7xxx. My
> system halts when it attempts to probe the devices (I think it's that.)
> So I started using the new AIC7xxx driver and all is well. I don't see
> any messages to the console that points to any causes. Is there
> someplace I can look for a clue to the problem?
> I actually didn't realize I was using the old driver and have no qualms
> about not using it, but if it'll help someone else, I can help gather
> information.

There are "fixes" in that driver in Linus's tree. I suggest you revert to
the 2.5.63 version of aic7xxx_old.c, see if that fixes it.

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