Re: BUG: EXT3: linux-2.4.21-pre5

Beneath (
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 23:32:38 +0000

> So, could you check in /var/log/messages (or whatever) to see if you
> have the original error? It might not have been written to disk if
> the error is on the /var filesystem. If that is the case, is it
> possible for you to set up a serial console or network syslog to
> capture the full errors?

I looked in messages before i posted to the ML - no errors.
And... because of the very rare occurance of this so far... i don't
think i'm likely to get anything soon with the network syslog, but i'll
set it up anyway just incase.

No one else reported anything like this, then?

- Daniel

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