RE: [PATCH][IO_APIC] 2.5.63bk7 irq_balance improvments / bug-fixes

Kamble, Nitin A (
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 20:21:10 -0800

There are few issues we found with the user level daemon approach.

Static binding compatibility: With the user level daemon, users can
use the /proc/irq/i/smp_affinity interface for the static binding of

There is some information which is only available in the kernel today,
Also the future implementation might need more kernel data. This is
important for interfaces such as NAPI, where interrupts handling changes
on the fly.


> Now there has been some discssion as to whether these algorithmic
> decisions
> can be moved out of the kernel altogether. And with periods of one
> five
> seconds that does appear to be feasible.
> I believe that you have looked at this before and encountered some
> with it. Could you please describe what happened there?
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