ipsec-tools 0.1 + kernel 2.5.64

Kostadin Karaivanov (larry@minfin.bg)
Wed, 05 Mar 2003 13:49:50 +0200

>both manual keying and automatic keying with racoon (pre-shared secret)
>are working fine. No need to patch or modify anything.
>I tried only ipv4.
>But: don't "setkey -DP" while racoon is running, it crashes
>my machine. Sorry, could not get any details.
This problem is present for me since 2.5.59, but once I get kernel oops
right after "setkey -DP" and before crash, it is on real tty not ssh or telnet,
on ssh/telnet console there is nothing exept freeze of course :-), I never tried
serial console to catch the oops
BTW "ipsec-tools 0.1" from where ???

wwell Larry

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