RE: [PATCH][IO_APIC] 2.5.63bk7 irq_balance improvments / bug-fixes

Arjan van de Ven (
05 Mar 2003 19:26:52 +0100

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On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 05:21, Kamble, Nitin A wrote:
> There are few issues we found with the user level daemon approach.
> =20
> Static binding compatibility: With the user level daemon, users can
> not =20
> use the /proc/irq/i/smp_affinity interface for the static binding of
> interrupts.

no they can just write/change the config file, with a gui if needed

> There is some information which is only available in the kernel today,

there's also some information only available to userspace today that the
userspace daemon can and does use.

> Also the future implementation might need more kernel data. This is
> important for interfaces such as NAPI, where interrupts handling changes
> on the fly.

ehm. almost. but napi isn't it ....

and the userspace side can easily have a system vendor provided file
that represents all kinds of very specific system info about the numa
structure..... working with every kernel out there.

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