Re: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Re: FBdev updates.

James Simmons (
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 20:22:26 +0000 (GMT)

> Hi,
> while waiting on these updates I updated matroxfb a bit
> (,
> so that it now uses fb_* for cfb modes, and putcs/... hooks for
> text mode. I have still dozen of changes in fbcon.c which I have
> to eliminate (mainly logo painting and cursor handling - for now
> I still use revc method, mainly because of I did not make into it yet).

I grabbed your latest patch and started to merge it with my latest work on
the matrox driver. As soon as I'm done merging my matrox changes I will
send you a patch right away.

> My main concern now is 12x22 font... Accelerator setup
> is so costly for each separate painted character that for 8bpp
> accelerated version is even slower than unaccelerated one :-(
> (and almost twice as slow when compared with 2.4.x).

Try the latest patch I released.

> And one (or two...) generic questions: why is not pseudo_palette
> u32* pseudo_palette, or even directly u32 pseudo_palette[17] ?

pseudo_palette was originally designed to be a pointer to some kind of
data for color register programming. For example many PPC graphics cards
have a color register region. Now you could have that point to
pseudo_palette. Note pseudo_palette is only visiable in fbmem.c for the
logo drawing code. Personally I liek to see that hidden.

> And why we do not fill this pseudo_palette with
> i * 0x01010101U for 8bpp pseudocolor and i * 0x11111111U for 4bpp
> pseudocolor? This allowed me to remove couple of switches and tests
> from acceleration fastpaths (and from cfb_imageblit and cfb_fillrect,
> but I did not changed these two in my benchmarks below).

??? Does your accel engine require these kinds of values?

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