Re: Those ruddy punctuation fixes

jw schultz (
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 17:50:27 -0800

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 11:22:12AM +0000, John Bradford wrote:
> > Could we stop fix^wbreaking this stuff please. GCC 3.2.2:
> >
> > include/asm/proc-fns.h:128:39: missing terminating ' character
> Ah, but the 'real' fix is to never use a word which requires an
> apostrophe - E.G.
> I can't apply this patch -> I can not apply this patch

I can not apply this patch == I am able to not apply this patch
I cannot apply this patch == I am not able to apply this patch

If you are going to correct something be careful of changes
in meaning.

> Russell's patch -> The patch which Russell wrote

Assumes data not in evidence. Russel might have composited
the patch. Try "The patch from Russel" or "The patch Russel
provided" I would honestly be willing to have just "Russels
Patch", "Russel patch" or "patch a la Russel" to evade the
tortured language for avoiding the possesive.

In any case, if it doesn't make the text more clear what is
the point?

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