Re: Entire LAN goes boo with 2.5.64

Anders Widman (
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 12:01:53 +0100

> Anders Widman ( wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Trying out the 2.5.64 kernel to try to solve some IDE specific
>>> problems with 2.4.x kernels. Now I have another problem. We have a
>>> Windows LAN and a Windows XP with WinRoute Pro as gateway.
>>> When booting the linux-machine with the 2.5.64 kernel the windows
>>> machine goes to 100% cpu and the switch (Dlink) goes crazy (loosing
>>> link, other machines get 100k/s instead of 10-12MiB/s etc).
>>> I compiled the 2.5.64 with as few options as possible, no
>>> netfilter, or IPSec or similar stuff.
>>> What can be the problem?
>> Forgot to say I am using a Intel Pro100+ NIC and I have tested with
>> both the Becker driver and the Intel driver.

> I've seen something similar [1] happen to a LAN with one Windows XP machine
> running vcool: . This is also available for Linux
> ( Are you running this patch or a
> similar one?

Nope, no vcool or anything similar. But it is very odd that the switch
would go crazy too!

> [1] all machines were seeing frame errors on packets > 250 bytes; it was a
> 10 mbit coax lan.

Using 100mbit switched network.

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