2.5.51 CRC32 undefined

Arun Prasad (arun@netlab.hcltech.com)
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 18:52:05 +0530

Hi All,
To install the Fault-Injection tool (fith-mini-13), did the
following steps

* The below are the seps given in the tool README

1. Apply patch kprobes-2.5.50-bk2.patch
Apply patch fi-2.5.51-bk1.patch

2. cd fith_utility
make install
So copied kernel 2.5.51 and applied both the patches specified

* Compiled the kernel with the below in .config file

* Booted the kernel with the new kernel (2.5.51), but eth0 is not up..
The ethernet driver is not loaded..
(pcnet32 is the ethernet device of the machine.... it works fine
witht he default 2.4 kernel)

* Did the insmod for the driver
bash$ insmod ./pcnet32.o
pcnet32: Unknown symbol crc32_le
Error inserting "pcnet32.o": -1 Unknown symbol in module

* Checked linux-2.5.51/lib/crc32.c and found the lines

* There is no /proc/ksyms in the kernel and "ksyms" command doesnt seems
to work....

Can anyone help me out in this....


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