Re: Unable to boot a raw kernel image :??

H. Peter Anvin (
6 Mar 2003 12:28:05 -0800

Followup to: <15975.8192.437452.801287@gargle.gargle.HOWL>
By author: Mikael Pettersson <>
In newsgroup:
> Indeed. The SYSLINUX 2.02 + mtools combination works like a charm
> for 'make bzdisk'. I'm happy with your nobootsect patch.

Well, Linus keeps dropping it on the floor, so I don't know if we'll
see a working "make bzdisk" in the kernel any time soon :(


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"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot."
Architectures needed: ia64 m68k mips64 ppc ppc64 s390 s390x sh v850 x86-64
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