Re: Linux vs Windows temperature anomaly

Horst von Brand (
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:40:40 -0300

Jonathan Lundell <> said:
> We've been seeing a curious phenomenon on some PIII/ServerWorks
> CNB30-LE systems.
> The systems fail at relatively low temperatures. While the failures
> are not specifically memory related (ECC errors are never a factor),
> we have a memory test that's pretty good at triggering them. Data is
> apparently getting corrupted on the front-side bus.
> Here's the curious thing: when we run the same memory test on a
> Windows 2000 system (same hardware; we just swap the disk), we can
> run the ambient temperature up to 60C with no problem at all; the
> test will run for days. (It occurred to us to try Win2K because the
> hardware vendor was using it to test systems at temperature without
> seeing problems.)
> Swap in the Linux disk, and at that temperature it'll barely run at
> all. The memory test fails quickly at 40C ambient.

Linux gives the hardware a _much_ harder workout than Windows.

My first PC was a P/100, overclocked to /120. WinNT worked fine, Linux
wouldn't even finish booting.

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