[RFC] i386-arch fixes/enhancements

J.A. Magallon (jamagallon@able.es)
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 04:08:58 +0100

Hi all...

This is set of small patches that allow a finer tuning of i386 arch, and fix a
small bug:

- 20-x86-p4-prefetch: enables prefetch also for p4. This is a pending bug, IMHO.
- 21-x86-pII: splits Pentium-II as a separate config option; yes some of us
still have oldies and would like a slightly better optimized kernel
- 22-x86-check_gcc: use check_gcc also for Intel CPUs (like others already do)
to get better gcc flags.
- 23-x86-mb: implement memory barriers with specific instructions in p3 and p4
(credits go to Zwane Mwaikambo <zwane@linux.realnet.co.sz>)

Could this ever get into mainline ? Perhaps the only questionable piece is
the mb changes. How about next -pre ?


J.A. Magallon <jamagallon@able.es>      \                 Software is like sex:
werewolf.able.es                         \           It's better when it's free
Mandrake Linux release 9.1 (Cooker) for i586
Linux 2.4.21-pre4-jam1 (gcc 3.2.2 (Mandrake Linux 9.1 3.2.2-1mdk))
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