[TRIVIAL] Squash warning in ohci-pci.c on PowerBooks

David Gibson (david@gibson.dropbear.id.au)
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 16:30:44 +1100

Linus, please apply (patch is against 2.5.64):

Apple PowerBooks want <asm/prom.h> in ohci-pci.c for the prototype of
pci_device_to_OF_node(). This patch adds it to the already present
list of PowerBook specific #includes:

diff -urN pmac-2.5-pristine/drivers/usb/host/ohci-pci.c linux-2.5-zax/drivers/usb/host/ohci-pci.c
--- pmac-2.5-pristine/drivers/usb/host/ohci-pci.c 2003-03-03 13:43:41.000000000 +1100
+++ linux-2.5-zax/drivers/usb/host/ohci-pci.c 2003-03-07 15:32:12.000000000 +1100
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
#include <asm/machdep.h>
#include <asm/pmac_feature.h>
#include <asm/pci-bridge.h>
+#include <asm/prom.h>
#ifndef CONFIG_PM
# define CONFIG_PM

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david@gibson.dropbear.id.au	| solution which is simple, neat and
				| wrong.
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