Re: smatch update / 2.5.64 /

dan carpenter (
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 01:45:35 -0500

From: Oleg Drokin <>
> > The smatch bugs for kernel 2.5.64 are up. The
> > new url for the smatch bug database is
> Unfortunatelly the bug database does not work. I mean I cannot connect to it.

Crap... sorry about that, I screwed up.

> This script can produce a lot less false positives with even more custom merge rules.
> Here's the diff that if run on fs/ext3/super.c from current bk tree, produces
> only one true bug. (your version from cvs produces one real bug and two false positives)
> (8 less hits on my default build).

I have uploaded your modifications to CVS. I'll use it
on the next kernel release. The was just a few
modifications to the so your patch
will cut down on the false positives with that also.

dan carpenter

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