Re: SWSUSP Discontiguous pagedir patch

Pavel Machek (
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 19:02:22 +0100


> > Thus, I still think we can go with the patch I submitted before. I've
> > rediffed it against 2.5.63 (less the bits already applied).
> I've spent the last week reading, reviewing, and rewriting major portions
> of swsusp. I've actually been reasonably impressed, once I was able to get
> the code into a much more readable state.
> All in all, I think the idea of saving state to swap is dangerous for
> various reasons. However, I like some of the other concepts of the code,

Can you elaborate? I believe writing
to swap is good for user; and it works.

> and will use them in developing a more palatable mechanism of doing STDs

What is STD?


Can you post cumulative diff of work-in-progress?
I am not permitted to use bk. Also please
make sure that you post the diff before
you merge it (and please Cc me).

Written on sharp zaurus, because my Velo1 broke. If you have Velo you don't need...

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