Re: 2.5.64p5 No USB support when APIC mode enabled

Nicolas Mailhot (
07 Mar 2003 15:11:56 +0100

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|Alan Cox wrote :
|You need at least 2.4.21-pre5-ac, or 2.5.64-ac (I just sent Linus the
|relevant changes) to use APIC on the VIA chipset systems. You also need
|a BIOS with correct tables, which can also be a little tricky to find
|in uniprocessordom

Well, if it's the same bug as=20,=20
I'm certainly seeing it also with 2.5.64-ac1. Old 2.4.-ac kernels used to b=
fine, I fear they have nowe been "fixed" to match 2.5.

Maybe you should be cc'd on this bug ?

|And Meino Christian Cramer replied :
| Therefore it seems that APIC is working with my VIA board without USB.
| But I cannot live without USB ... my mouse is USBish and X without a
| mouse is a little ... hmmm senseless.

Lucky you. I'm on a 100% hid input setup (mouse *and* keyboard), the=20
hardware is great on the kernels that support it, but is seems good
Linux support is not here yet:(.


Nicolas Mailhot

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