How can I test my console driver?

Alex Bennee (
07 Mar 2003 14:36:14 +0000


I'm writting a console driver for an embedded system for which the
hardware isn't quite ready yet. As a result I'm building on a PC with a
quickly hacked up proc interface so I can test the logic before the
final hardware.

On loading the module my code does the following:

take_over_console(&sh_con, MAX_NR_CONSOLES - 1, MAX_NR_CONSOLES - 1,

Which I understand should associate my new console driver with the last
system console (63 in this case). Then to test the console output I do:

echo "this is a test string" > /dev/vc/63

However my dmesg output shows no sign of any of the console functions
being called to write data, although the module itself has loaded
succesfully and run the take_over_console code.

Obviously I'm mis-understanding how the console should be accessed but
I'm stuck looking for any pointers. I've been looking thorugh the
newport_con.c driver for pointers but so far I've not seen any extra
magic that I'm missing. Can anyone point me in the right direction/offer
some tips?

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