Re: [Bug 449] New: Kernel BUG when tun device is closed

Kevin P. Fleming (
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 09:35:20 -0700

Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> Summary: Kernel BUG when tun device is closed (oops attached)
> Kernel Version: 2.5.64
> Status: NEW
> Severity: normal
> Owner:
> Submitter:
> Distribution: heavily modified RedHat 7.3
> Hardware Environment: MSI K7T266-Pro2 motherboard, Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz CPU,
> (2) WD1600JB disks, etc.
> Software Environment: vtund-2.5
> Problem Description: vtund works fine normally (is in client mode on this
> system). when the server end of the link was shutdown, the client tried to close
> its open "tun" device. this action caused the oops below.

I have already updated this bug to show that Patrick's patch posted
yesterday appears to solve the problem.

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