I2O on 2.5.64

Stephen Hemminger (shemminger@osdl.org)
07 Mar 2003 09:02:43 -0800

Enabled I2O on a test machine running 2.5.64 and it hangs during boot.
Don't think the machine has SCSI but doesn't have any I2O capable

Last gasp:

Linux I2O PCI support (c) 1999-2002 Red Hat.
i2o: Checking for PCI I2O controllers...
I2O Core - (C) Copyright 1999 Red Hat Software
I2O: Event thread created as pid 44
I2O configuration manager v 0.04.
(C) Copyright 1999 Red Hat Software
I2O Block Storage OSM v0.9
(c) Copyright 1999-2001 Red Hat Software.
i2o_block: Checking for Boot device...
i2o_block: Checking for I2O Block devices...
i2o_scsi.c: Version 0.1.2
chain_pool: 0 bytes @ f7fe6ec0
(512 byte buffers X 4 can_queue X 0 i2o controllers)

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